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A gentle beginning of freediving

  • 4 小時
  • 699澳大利亚元
  • Perth Campus珀斯校区


Course Description for a Freediving School: If you feel confident in your swimming abilities and aspire to experience intimate contact with the deep blue through freediving, the AIDA2 Beginner Freediving Course is the perfect choice for beginners starting from scratch. Prerequisites: No prior freediving experience required. Participants must be 18 years or older (or 16 years or older with parental consent) and able to swim continuously for 200 meters unassisted or 300 meters with a mask, snorkel, and fins. Assessment/Certification Requirements: - Constant Weight with Bi-Fins (CWTB) Dive: 12 meters - Static Apnea (STA): 2 minutes - Dynamic Apnea with Bi-Fins (DYNB): 40meters - Theory Exam: 75% - Small class ratio of 1 instructor to 4 students (for open-water sessions) with exclusive access to a calm and safe environment to overcome depth-related fears. The AIDA2 course is a 3-day program consisting of four parts: theory session, confined water session, open water session, and theory review with exam. Upon successful completion of all four parts, participants will receive the globally recognized AIDA2 Freediver certification issued by AIDA. Holding this certification allows individuals to participate in freediving activities and liveaboard trips worldwide. By following a systematic learning approach, divers can explore the ocean in the safest manner possible. DAY 1: Theory Session (4 hours x 1 session) Introduction to freediving, understanding relevant physiology, and practice of freediving techniques. DAY 2: Confined Water Session (4 hours x 1 session) Teaching and assessment of freediving techniques in a swimming pool setting. Open Water Session 1 (2 hours x 1 session) Afternoon session in a deep-water pool to establish a foundation in a real ocean environment. DAY 3: Open Water Sessions 2 and 3 (2 hours x 2 sessions) Two sessions in a real ocean environment for teaching and assessment purposes. Theory Review and Exam (2 hours x 1 session) Afternoon session for theory review and exam, requiring a minimum score of 75%. Only one retake opportunity is provided. Note: 1. Absence from the course during the scheduled time, once confirmed with customer service, will be considered as an automatic withdrawal without the option for refund or rescheduling. Changes can be made up to 72 hours before the course. Any last-minute changes will not be accommodated. 2. The indicated course duration represents the minimum time required to meet the assessment


1. 缺席课程:一旦与客服确认了课程时间,若学员在该时间缺席,则视为自动放弃课程,此时不可退改。无故缺席课程将作为自动放弃后续课程的处理。 2. 课程改动:在课程前72小时内,学员可以有一次改动机会,可以选择将课程时间改为其他可行的时间。但请注意,任何临期改动都不会生效,超过课程开始前72小时的改动请求将不被接受。 3. 游泳能力测试:报名课程即代表学员自信能够通过先决条件的游泳能力测试。如果学员因为无法通过游泳能力测试而无法继续参加课程,则不会提供退款。 4. 课程阶段缺席:无论是理论课、泳池阶段还是开放水域阶段,如果学员无故缺席课程,将视为自动放弃后续课程。 5. 疑虑和联系教练:如果学员对课程有任何疑虑或问题,请及时联系教练,教练将尽力解答并提供支持。 请注意,以上政策是为了确保学员和教练的时间得到合理利用,并确保学员具备必要的游泳能力参加自由潜水课程。在报名之前,请确保自己具备200米游泳/300米浮潜的能力,并能够参加先决条件的测试。 Here is the translation of the revised refund and cancellation policy for the free diving course: 1. Absence from the course: Once the course time has been confirmed with customer service, if a student is absent at the scheduled time, it will be considered as automatic abandonment of the course and will not be eligible for refunds or rescheduling. 2. Course rescheduling: Within 72 hours prior to the course, students will have one opportunity to request a rescheduling, allowing them to choose an alternative feasible time for the course. However, please note that any last-minute rescheduling requests will not be accepted. Requests for rescheduling must be made at least 72 hours before the course begins. 3. Swimming ability test: Enrolling in the course signifies that the student is confident in passing the prerequisite swimming ability test. If a student is unable to continue with the course due to failing the swimming ability test, no refund will be provided. 4. Absence during any course stage: Whether it's the theory session, pool training, or open water sessions, any unexcused absence will be considered as abandonment of the subsequent course stages. 5. Concerns and contacting the instructor: If students have any concerns or questions about the course, they are advised to promptly contact the instructor. The instructor will make every effort to address concerns and provide support. Please note that the above policies are in place to ensure the efficient use of time for both students and instructors, as well as to ensure that students possess the necessary swimming abilities to participate in the free diving course. Before enrolling, please ensure that you have the required swimming ability of 200 meters swimming/300 meters snorkeling and can meet the prerequisites for testing.


  • Bubbles Freediving Academy, Hay Street, Perth WA, Australia

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