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About Us

Fantasy of Freediving

The ocean has most of our value natural sources, and Australia is home to countless fascinating Marine environments. As freediving becomes a popular sport for the new generation, We use our professions and serve every student attentively and safely.


Our Story

Many people may think that freediving should have no bubbles, or even think the name is strange. Freediving has no bubbles, this is the first part. This short and dreamy weightless journey is not long. When you start to ascend along the rope, it is when the journey is gradually approaching the end. Suddenly, you see the blue sky pierced by the sun, and the mask is constantly changing as the pressure decreases. The burst of bubbles, this is the most wonderful moment in my opinion of free diving. The dream is beautiful but extremely short. For a while, I'm not able to tell whether it is a reality or a dream. In the last few meters, bubbles are helding up by the buoyancy, and it is shaped in large and small. The bubbles, returned to the world that can breathe, the journey is over, and the dream is over.

That's why we called Bubbles Academy, not only because of my obsession with the second half of every dive, but alsovthat I hope everyone can look at freediving in a more comprehensive way.

We are currently focusing on the AIDA system. At present, AIDA is still the most suitable system for learners who are inclined to competition or leisure. It is also has the most scientific teaching content, the most perfect course supervision, and the most abundant teaching resources. Of course, each system has its advantages, but we don't want to trouble the system selection to the newcomers, so we will focus on the teaching of the AIDA system.

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