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​safety, professional and experience

About safety

As a wading sport, free diving also has corresponding risks while enjoying the fun. How to ensure that our students and customers can enjoy the joy brought by free diving without any worries and maximize the safety, no matter the venue, Both facilities and personnel are considered to maximize safety.


Some of our theoretical courses will be carried out in the classroom, repeatedly on land to simulate the content that is usually only taught underwater, so that students can have a bottom line in advance and build full self-confidence.

The swimming pool course will be taught in a 50-meter standard pool, and the whole process will be guaranteed1:6 small class teaching.

we will useExclusive 5M deep poolAs the first open water course, it is not easy for most students to build enough confidence if they conduct open water in the marine environment for the first time. They can simulate the marine environment well in the deep pool, maximize the standard actions and build confidence to overcome their fears. .

We also have strict requirements for the environment in open water. We do not allow any irresponsible behavior that puts students at risk, and we will not save time and effort.Swan River with Excessive MicrobesIn the marine environment, we will not carry out any state where the swell exceeds the definition of "calm", and in the same marine environment, we willStrictly abide by the 1:4 small class ratio.


We provide student unionSBS fabric super warm split wetsuit for freedivingAnd the most comfortable and best kick on the marketThermoplastic Freediving Finsand otherRental of full freediving gear,All equipment is regularly maintained to reduce the financial burden on students while using it with peace of mind.

We are the only free diving academy in Australia that can provide emergency pure oxygen source for emergency services. We have a complete plan for the dangers that free diving may cause.


​ All employees have advanced emergency rescue training in 12355, insurance

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