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Bubble Academy is located in Sydney and Perth, the two largest cities on the east and west coasts of Australia

​ "The Indian Ocean or the Pacific Ocean is our heart"


Perth Campus

Western Australia has the longest coastline in Australia. The incomparably rich marine resources make people here live to the sea, whether it is a short sojourn by the waves of the South Pacific in late summer to the killer whales in Bremer Bay, from Augusta to Perth. The big fin whales and southern right whales still love the whale sharks in Exmouth, in the north corner of Western Australia. There are so many things to explore in the deep blue of Western Australia, not to mention that all kinds of lobsters and fish can make people who love aquatic products. Self-sufficient. Even in the coldest time in Perth, the water temperature is close to 20 degrees. The place where we choose to conduct the two-star course is also without wind and waves all year round. It is the most suitable venue for free diving beginners all year round.


Sydney Campus

Sydney is surrounded by mountains and rivers and the Pacific Ocean to the east.

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